Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Mom Confessions

A mom from FL said:
My kids are still alive and well, so yes, I am a good mother...

A mom from Grand Rapids, MI said:

I feel like a good mom when my DD comes in and jumps in the bed on the weekend and we all wrestle and giggle together.

A mom from Westwood, KY said:
I know that I am a good mother when sacrificing something of my own to make sure my son has something (a toy, or whatever be it) isn't painful, it's joyous. My son has taught me more in his short 16 months about being a good person than I ever realized and in turn, I know I'm passing generosity, compassion, understanding, and tolerance on to him.

I also know I'm a good mom when he declares his feet are dirty and he'd liked them washed, please. Hygiene is something that should be started young and with patience, he caught right on!

A mom from somewhere said:

I think my parenting style is pretty damn awesome and effective in raising a bright, respectful, imaginative and curious child. But I'm definitely far from perfect. However, I try to make up for those imperfections by constantly giving my child affection (sometimes she even protests "Mommy, stop kissing me!"). I like what my uncle said to me once "I'm surprised my boys aren't taller because of how often I squeeze them and kiss them". I'm the same way.

But, I'm not about to give myself an award. I'll wait until the teenage years to see just how awesome I really am. =)

A mom from somewhere said:
I feel that I am a good mom because I am my children's most fierce advocate. I am proactive, and I will not take No for an answer.

Kristi from Salt Lake City, Ut said:
I know I am a good mom when my kids are happy, healthy and clean.

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